Mid South Fleet Leasing
Mid South Fleet Leasing
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    Any business that operates fleet vehicles of any quantity will benefit from the overall value provided by utilizing the services of our professional client-oriented Fleet Management Company. Our core business is fleet management, we are experts at needs assessment, vehicle acquisition, lifecycle assessment and lifecycle management. We enable higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness end-to-end, allowing your company to focus its energy and efforts on your core business. 

    Total Fleet


    Class 1-6 Light & Medium Duty Up to 26,000 GVWR

    Class 7-9 Heavy Duty over 26,000 GVWR (commercial drivers license generally required)

    Non-Automotive Transport and Equipment

    Whether you operate a single type of vehicle or have a mixed fleet, we have a range of fleet management solutions and can operate as your single point of contact.

    Our Clients Are Our Assets


    Vehicles and equipment are not our assets, our clients are. The full value of a successful partnership with any Fleet Management Company is measured well beyond that of a transaction. At Mid South Fleet Leasing we are highly responsive to our clients needs and build proactive relationships. We learn about their needs, their goals and their objectives, allowing us to develop a personalized understanding of their fleet needs and implementing customized programs tailored to their operation. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of our clients and to be considered by them to be a trusted and integral part of their team.

    Total Value


    While our expertise often provides for simple cost factor advantages such as lower rates and higher discounts from acquisition to disposal, we are also specialists at analyzing vehicle utilization and operation to assess exposures to vehicle downtime, equipment needs, corporate risk management and a thorough knowledge of total costs of ownership. There are inevitable inefficiencies of full in-house fleet management which is where we partner with our clients to simplify and streamline the processes, saving them time, effort and costs, from ordering, placing into service, maintaining and ultimately disposing of and replacing vehicles. As a fleet continues to grow and evolve the value provided by partnering with Mid South Fleet Leasing grows as well, especially as topics such as cash flow, working capital, buying power, total cost of ownership, residual value, taxable transactions and centralized purchasing are added into the fleet management discussion.

    Into The Fleet

    We learn about your needs and manage vehicle ordering, license, title, registration, delivery and the vehicle lease or purchase.


    We can work with you to design an in service program including fuel card program, preventative maintenance, damage control and GPS services.

    Out Of The Fleet

    There are several options and subsequent steps of what to do with a vehicle when you are ready to remove or replace it in your fleet, you can place things in our hands and allow us to manage the entire process.